Picture Stories for Grown Up Kids


As I look back on my life I realize how lucky I am to have the childhood that I did. As weird, gangly and geeky as I was as a kid, it lead me to find my “niche.”

Okay, I was born in 1955. Do the math. It’s taken me a while to figure things out. When I became an adult (age-wise) and started my work career, did I intend to become a writer and graphics person? Heck no! I was going to move to NYC and win a Tony, and then an Oscar. Life events lead me elsewhere, and I’m so glad. That’s what makes life rich.

One of Charles Schulz’s close friends said of the incomparable creator of the Peanuts comic strip, “He liked to think of himself as a simple man, but he was not simple – he was enigmatic and complex.”

I was just the opposite. I viewed myself as being complex, mysterious and deep–like Gloria Swanson or Bette Davis. But actually, I’m just a simple Texas girl who grew up in a healthy, loving family. There was really not much dramatic or exotic about it. But you know what, it was magical, and oh, so special.

I have come full circle. I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I wrote the initial BlabberTales stories in 2000. Do the math again. They sat buried on my computer for a lot of years. Sorry. Life got in the way.

As I see the hate, turbulence and afflicted thinking that is prevalent nowadays it sickens me. Folks, this is not us. We’re better than this. Perhaps we just need to start over. Rewind a bit. Maybe the world needs a good dose of BlabberTales. That’s why I pulled out the stories, spruced them up a little and added the comic scribbles.

Think of BlabberTales as the Saturday morning cartoons for your “adult” soul. Heck, read them to you kids…your grandkids. They will get a kick out of how things were in the “olden” days.

Hopefully these stories will help everyone relate, relax, reminisce…and, most importantly, giggle.

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